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OCR GCSE Music Study Guide – 2nd Edition



Product Description

For first examination in June 2011

This new edition of the best selling GCSE guide for OCR is specifically tailored to the new GCSE Music specification starting in 2009.

The new edition has an exciting new layout, specifically designed to make the content more approachable and interesting.

Each chapter contains practical help and advice about composing, performing, listening and appraising. Individual sections give advice on these four activities, and there is a whole chapter dedicated to composing for the Creative Task. Composing, performing and listening ideas, suggestions and opportunities are also presented throughout the rest of the guide.

The book contains advice and information relating to the four Areas of Study: My Music, Shared Music, Dance Music and Descriptive Music. These sections examine a number of works including those suggested by the OCR specification, and explain all of the key features and vocabulary needed to excel in the exam.

Additional listening ideas and resources are also given for the Areas of Study, helping to make further study easier. There are regular questions to help you check that you have understood what you have read and to prepare for your exam. In addition a comprehensive glossary explains the technical terms that you are likely to meet.

Each section of the guide incorporates advice and information that will ensure you succeed in all aspects of your Music GCSE course and get a better grade.


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