Welcome to RJLMusic.com: the home of music.

First established as a not-for-profit online resource created by musicians for musicians in 2001, RJLMusic relaunched its website in 2015 with a completely fresh design.  As well as retailing books and resources for musicians, RJLMusic offers consultancy services and is developing a portfolio of recommended musicians for all your musical needs.

At the heart of our work is you – one of the much-valued visitors to our website.  Whether you are here to browse the catalogues, looking for a musician or seeking advice, you have come to the right place.  RJLMusic provides professional, bespoke and friendly responses to any of your musical enquiries to help you make the right booking or purchase.  Do get in touch and make yourself known to us.

If we can help in any of the following areas then we will:

choosing sheet music, repertoire, books about music or educational resources as part of your teaching and learning needs;

finding a singer/musician to perform at a wedding, celebration, theatre production (e.g. pit band member), church service, corporate event, private party, charity evening or any other function  around RJLMusic’s base in Cheshire (i.e. Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester and North Wales);

developing your skills and opportunities as a musician whether you are in training or an established part of the music profession already;

answering your questions about music or signposting you to individual advice.

We look forward to developing our relationship with established and new users of our website.

Welcome home.