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New Illustrated Lives of Great Composers: Mahler


Product Description

This fully illustrated biography of Gustav Mahler explores a reputation that has enjoyed mixed fortunes. Mahler’s compositions were often neglected after his death even though, in his lifetime, he was universally acclaimed as a conductor. With the aid of many images this vibrant account of a troubled life traces Mahler’s career both a composer and as a conductor in the 1880s through Prague, Leipzig, Budapest and Hamburg and then on to Vienna and New York. Always striving to keep writing, in his final years Mahler would alternate between conducting duties in New York and composing in Europe. After his death in 1911 his reputation suffered some 50 years of neglect, eventually to be rehabilitated, in part due to the efforts of Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein. It reaffirmed Mahler as a vital link between traditional Austro-German classical music and twentieth century Modernism. Includes a specially produced CD featuring ten of Mahler’s greatest compositions.

ISBN: 9781780384450
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