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Boosey Brass Trumpet - Book 1

Boosey Brass: Trumpet/Cornet (Book 1)



Product Description

The Boosey Brass Method- Trumpet/Cornet Book 1 is a fantastic way to start playing your Trumpet and has been designed to be used in lessons and all the playing in-between! Each level contains a wide variety of solo and ensemble music for you to add to your playing repertoire, and also, to build confidence by playing with others.

The Boosey Brass Method will help you learn to play your instrument and learn to make music! The flexible ensemble arrangements are suitable for any number of players in mixed instrument groups, which is also important for classes with a mix of ability, age and experience. Everything is fully and plainly explained, allowing for detailed class interaction or private study.

There are breathing and rhythm exercises, musical activities such as quizzes and clapping games, all to help improvising and composing. This method is set into carefully considered portions; stages which allowed for structured progress without being too formal and rigid. With all the activities, each stage is fun and suitably challenging to yield the best results from students.

There are invaluable Audio CDs containing performances, demonstrations, backing tracks and listening activities. These give perfect examples of how things should sound, as well as helping to inspire and motivate students on to bigger and better things!

This versatile volume has been specifically written for Trumpet or Cornet in B-flat and everything is covered here, from holding your instrument and first notes to playing a tune solo, together in an ensemble and beyond!

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