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AS Music Revision Guide (2nd Edition)


Product Description

The AQA: AS Music Revision Guide – 2nd Edition is designed to prepare you fully for your AQA AS Music qualification. Written in a clear and concise manner by an experienced examiner, it includes:

  • An introduction to the exam that explains what to expect.
  • Comprehensive guidance on preparing for Unit 1, the written paper – in particular preparation for the listening questions in Section A, analytical information on the set work for Section B and revision notes on the options for Section C.
  • Guidance on how to interpret questions and write good essays, including sample questions with annotated answers, and more practice questions.
  • Advice on preparing for Units 2 (Composing) and 3 (Performing).
  • A comprehensive glossary.

This book will help you to understand how the exam works, how questions are structured and what your examiners are looking for. It will give you the confidence you need to achieve your potential.

This revision guide is suitable for exams from 2015 onwards.


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