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AS Study Guide

AQA AS Music Study Guide



Product Description

The AQA AS Music Study Guide 5th Edition study guide can be used throughout your AQA AS Music course to reinforce your school work, and follows the syllabus for exams from summer 2015 onwards.

AQA AS Music Study Guide 5th Edition includes:

  • Advice on how to listen and what to listen for in Unit 1, Section A: Listening
  • A detailed study of Haydn’s Symphony No. 104, movements 1 and 3, for Section B
  • Clear, helpful introductions to the Areas of Study for Section C: Baroque Choral Music, Musicals 1940-1980, and British Popular Music From 1960
  • Guidance for Unit 2: Creating Musical Ideas, looking at what is involved in Brief A compositional techniques, Brief B free composition or pastiche, and Brief C arranging
  • Advice on what is required for Unit 3: Interpreting Musical Ideas
  • A glossary explaining all the important musical terms you will need to know.

It is written in a clear and helpful style, and illustrated throughout with musical examples to explain the concepts you will encounter in the music. Sample exam-style questions at the end of sections provide exam practice during the year.

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